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  • VA (Veterans Administration) loans are a terrific benefit for men and women who have served our country in some branch of the armed forces. The branch of service and time and duration of service will determine exact parameters, but generally a Veteran needs no down-payment at all, and may even ask the seller to pay for their closing costs.  Even more beneficial is the total absence of mortgage insurance! VA loans are not insured, they are “guaranteed” by the VA, and there is a “VA Funding Fee” (which varies depending upon the situation, so ask a loan officer for details) to pay, which can be financed on top of the 100% of the sale price of the home. This is a fantastic opportunity for Veterans to buy a home in the most affordable way.  Disabled Veterans receive even more benefits such as the possibility of a waiver of the funding fee altogether (if 100% disabled from a service related disability) or waiver of real estate taxes in some municipalities.  

    For more information about Veterans Affairs Loans and obtaining a certificate of eligibility Click Here